Development of new products

If you want to create a unique and personalized metal transfer type or color shade; you want an impressive, extraordinary relief that stands out on your merchandise; as industry leader, with the help of our experienced product development team and cutting edge technology we can assist in creating and manufacturing products as per your specific requirements.

To follow, a few schemes that can help you with the process of our product development. The arrows will lead you through this process, which will ensure the positive match of your needs. All the projects are guaranteed to be led with the individual approach.

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Sending request for tools

Accuracy in tools is what matters most. To ensure high quality products, to accomplish all customer requirements, we have prepared an online request form, which guarantees not only fluent communication in understanding specific needs, but also significantly reduces the time of order process. Putting stickers and concentrated information into empty fields will take you only a couple of minutes and will ensure you receive the product you need.

Please find the request form here.

Customized metal transfer formats

PPF follows customers needs. Every single project requires specific formats of the transfer coatings, therefore having 25 mio sqm ready to be dispatched and slitting and cutting machines on different area sites, we ensure to deliver customized rolls for every customer. With the  6 mio sqm monthly production capacity, we guarantee to provide you rolls in the dimensions from 20mm up to 1620mm width and from 122M up to 6000M length.

Consultation (Project Management)

PPF qualified team offers you face to face contact on special projects. We are here to assist you not only in supplying you products needed for your production line, but also in supporting you while the production process. We are ready to give the advice how to  maintain our products under specified parameters and achieve the best results. You do not need to have qualified technologist and spend your own time in starting up the production as PPF team can provide technological job description on every special project.


We know how it is important to have all the materials on time. For this purpose our logistics team can offer you the best delivery way reflecting your needs. You need to get it fast or you need to have it at particular hour at your site, we are here to assist you.

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