Job Saver Plates

By all means, Job Saver Plate significantly reduces the set up time of stamping machine especially for the job which is repeated time to time in long term bases. It is very efficient due to the fact that all the needed dies are fasten to one plate, so you need to install only this one plate instead of fastening every single die on honey comb. Our practice shows the set up time/installation process with Job Saver Plate is  faster approximately up to 4 times!

Please be aware that Job Saver Plate can be attached only to the machines which have a special job saver plate table. We can offer you Job Saver Plate produced from both aluminum and steel material. Though aluminium plate is 3 times lighter than steel, it requires more experienced operator work.

The format we are able to produce is up to 1250mm x 1000mm.  In case you have special inquires for Job Saver Plate  thickness or format, please contact our sales person to get information you need.