Special Adhesive Tapes

We provide a variety of high quality adhesive tapes for all tasks: for fixing dies, counter dies and other stamping materials during the make-ready process.

  • Double sided adhesive tape for counters - high performance, double-sided rubber adhesive tape for mounting counter forces and other flexographic photopolymers to mechanical cylinders/plates. The bonding is extremely secure, yet easy to remove after long print runs and will not leave any residues. (K, N)
  • Make ready patching tape - a self-adhesive patching tape to achieve precision during make-ready for all: embellishment, cutting and creasing. The tape is extremely hard and when applied correctly, will fix low spots for a better, even finish. Ideal for high volume runs. (L)
  • Polyester tape - is a general purpose polyester tape ideal for masking in high temperature applications. The translucent green backing is tear resistant. It removes cleanly and in one-piece from most of the surfaces, avoiding slivering and breaking. (M)
  • Heat activated die mounting tape - high quality  heat activated tape known as bonding film for attaching make-ready materials and plates to heated beds. This bonding film becomes tack when heat is applied. It is not sticky when taken directly off the roll. (O)
  • Aluminized tape - single-sided product with an aluminized polyester carrier based on an acrylic adhesive system. This tape offers excellent heat resistance and easy unwinding characteristics.
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