Make-Ready Materials

The correct and top quality Make-Ready Materials can guarantee enhancement of your product.

  • Pertinax - Phenolic/Polyurethane board is recommended for use as a make-ready board in flat stamping for large and solid areas, helps to stop the heat transfer. Pertinax will withstand a large number of impressions. Helps to prevent the show through on the reverse of the board. Excellent for achieving a crisp impression in fine to medium detail jobs. (A)
  • Epoxy glass boards - extremely strong and durable base providing clean and sharp impressions. Epoxy Glass Board is very flat giving correct pressure across the make-ready. It also provides insulation, stopping the heat transfer from the die which gives a better impression. (B)
  • Presspahn - a good standard make ready base board with a smooth surface. (C)
  • Polyester foil. (H, I, J )



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