HoloTransfer Films

HoloTransfer, is the most cost effective holographic solution nowadays, available for both narrow-web printing machines and offset sheet printing.

You can use the same HoloTransfer film roll for several times and therefore the price of it becomes very customer friendly. This technology allows to add various accents on different elements and easy redesign the image.

This technology is applied in all types of narrow web printing machines having cold embossing sections. UF-transparent holographic retransfer film is placed with its work surface to the label surface instead of cold embossing foil. UF lacquer is applied on the label randomly (or continuously). A film with a holographic image is pressed to wet lacquer. When the film has been cured and removed, a micro relief holographic print stays on the lacquer. In the end, we get a random or continuous holographic image on the label surface. The life of cold retransfer film is sufficiently long; therefore, printing houses easily reuse the film five (or even more) times in their practical operations.

There is no other holographic technology which would be as efficient as this one today. Cold or hot foil, as well as holographic self-adhesive material may be used only once, but their costs are high. The cost of the retransfer film will be lower several times for a printing house, according to the number of reuse cycles.