Pigment Foil

From all the other foils it differs because of it‘s mat effect – you can hardly say it‘s a foil at a first glance. However, this type stands out for high saturation of colors and high-quality, puncture-proof covering. Accuracy of the edge is ensured for a wide range of surfaces and substrates.




This Mat Pigment HSF is versatile and workable for a whole variety of applications (shades availability – black)

-All kinds of paper and other range of applications, which is perfect solution for labels, stickers, folding cartons, etc.

- Perfect release for different speed of conversation across the range of platen, cylinder and rotary machines.

Excellent stamping effect on bold image and fine lines

Stamping conditions

Vertical: 110~130℃, cylinder 140`170℃, rotary 140~180℃




This Mat Pigment HSF has foil features excellent for paper, PE, PET and PP substrate (shades availability – white)

Stamping conditions

Vertical:  ~120℃, cylinder 140`180℃, rotary 120~140℃