Transfer metallized

PPF has implemented a sophisticated production line of metallized products which provide an opportunity to offer its customers a wide range of items with gloss metallized surfaces. These products are created under universal technology which is suitable for applying decorative coatings on both: decorative coatings onto different types of papers, self-adhesive papers, cardboards and variety of nonabsorbent print carriers like PP, PE, BOPP, PET, PVC,  PS, which are widely used in packaging and labels production. All these products are suitable to be printed with UV-inks as well.

Different color coating shades are available upon the request:

Transfer Metallized Silver (TMS) – coating provides excellent metallized gloss of classic touch silver shade.

Transfer Metallized Holo (TMH) – coating provides bright holographic rainbow gloss without visible joints (seamless) and wide range of holographic patterns.  

Transfer Metallized Colour (TMC) – gloss and matt metallized coatings of different color shades according to PPF Foil color guide. 

Main advantages:

  • The base materials such as papers, self-adhesive papers, cardboards or nonabsorbent materials used in production line of metallized products  are being chosen from worldwide known producers – Raflatac, Fasson, Ritrama, International Paper, Knauf, Smurfit Kappa, Stora Enso, Metsa Board and Mondi – which guarantees reliable properties of their products.
  • Metallized products give an excellent relief either for micro embossing or embossing of bigger, multilevel images with extra high gloss level.
  • TMS and TMH products exhibit extremely high crystal gloss effect besides perfect printability and correspond up to date environmental compatibility standards being completely recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Metallized products provide the high level of water resistance.
  • These products save die cut equipment life due to the fact that their surface is free of film but still keeps the same mechanical properties of the base material.

For your convenience PPF provides all metallized products in reels and sheets. The reels may be provided from 6 inch up to 12 inch cores with total reel diameter up to 180mm and total reel weight up to 1800kg whereas the sheet format may reach maximum 1090mm*1090mm size.