Thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives offer a variety of benefits compared to other adhesives technologies. Excellent adhesion, quick set and ease of use are just a few. Our hot melt adhesives span a wide range of polymer technologies and are critical enablers to a broad range of manufacturing and end-use product applications.


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Reactive polyurethane-based hot melt adhesives (PUR) are becoming increasingly significant. These can be used to realize high-strength structural bonds. Once the reactive PUR hot melt has been applied, it initially sets physically, followed by a chemical reaction with the humidity resulting into highly molecular polymers with a very high cohesion. This enables extraordinarily high adhesion values, high degrees of temperature resistance, high flexibility at cold temperatures and solvent resistance.

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Water based adhesives use water as the carrier fluid, with the adhesive particles suspended in water, reducing the adhesive’s viscosity so that it can be applied to various substrates at varying thicknesses.


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