Transfer Finishes

Somebody thinks out of the box – we think about it. It is as important as what is inside of it: it’s the first thing that drags customers’ attention. Glossy, colorful and holographic or maybe not shiny at all and completely solid – you choose your way and we will help to make it exactly as you imagined.

Various transfer coating types are used for packages, such as hot and cold, pigment or glossy, diffraction and holographic – anything that helps to create an original look of the product.

Our key to success is attention to details, so that no detail would go unnoticed, and attention to our customers’ demands whatever they would be.

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Tools for Stamping & Embossing

Hot stamping is one of the printing methods, which provides paper, cardboard, plastic or other material with a metallized cover – golden, silver or any other color whereas embossing with transfer coating or without adds package a relief making it even more attractive to the eye.

We offer our customers dies for stamping and embossing for all type package. Not only we seek for an original style, but also complement it with a protection features that will show your product is genuine.

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Accessories for Stamping & Embossing

The refined aesthetics of stamping and embossing is perfection in details. The decisive factor for the success of total unit is the right choice of accessories, so that each piece can provide not only visual pleasure, but tactile satisfaction as well.

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