PPF Exhibiting on a Grand Scale

2018 / 7

It was a truly large-scale event and we attracted a lot of visitor and exhibitor attention to the stand. A wide range of materials and tools drew the interest of specialists. For many booth visitors, the PPF solutions in the field of foil stamping tools and accessories were revolutionary, and this is no exaggeration. Job saver plates, interchangeable inserts and other techniques that save significant set-up time switching from one project to another can be rightly called hits of this exhibition.


The booth exposition also contained the tools that we used to create the handouts. Thanks to this approach, PPF specialists were able to clearly demonstrate the correct sequence of actions to achieve high quality stamping results. Many visitors noted that the possibility to order both stamping foil and tools in a single expert center saves a lot of time and increases work efficiency. The desire to save customers time was also reflected in the PPF exhibition stand’s work, where the electronic registration of visitors was actively used. Most visitors noticed that it was a great idea to equip the booth with a coffee machine and cups decorated in the corporate style. This logically complemented the cordiality of PPF staff, dressed in branded uniforms.


Finally, RosUpack is a great place where industry experts are able to share their ideas and a great opportunity for businesses of the industry to introduce their services and achievements. Looking at the value RosUpack provides, we would love to take part next year. With an even more spacious booth, we will try to provide more interactive activities for visitors.