Brand new PPF office in Moscow

2018 / 01

A brand new PPF office with new production facilities, sales and support teams, opened its doors in Moscow on the 15th of January, 2018.

We are eager to present new production capacities and opportunities to our esteemed customers in Russia.

Equipped with 2 foil slitter machines, we have created an environment where employees can easily substitute for each other and ensure operations continue smoothly. We will be capable of providing 75.000 – 100.000 sqm of foil daily.

In urgent cases and those with specific delivery requirements, we are ready to offer our own transport in order to guarantee that specific products reach customers’ production sites on time.

“Our executives from the newly opened office are looking forward to supplying the full range of PPF Group solutions including hot and cold stamping foils, stamping tools and accessories. Now, with this new office location, we are closer to our customers in Moscow, the Moscow region and all of central Russia,” CEO of Eastern Europe, Dmitrii Kutuzov, was excited to announce.