PPF Exhibiting on a Grand Scale

2018 / 7

This June, PPF was happy to be a part of the RosUpack exhibition in Moscow, Russia.

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New slitting machines enable sustainable deliveries

2018 / 6

PPF Foil continues investments to increase production capacities and to ensure guaranteed and timely deliveries to its customers.

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Brand new PPF office in Moscow

2018 / 01

A brand new PPF office with new production facilities, sales and support teams, opened its doors in Moscow on the 15th of January, 2018.

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Accessories in PPF

2017 / 02

The refined aesthetics of stamping and embossing is perfection in details. The decisive factor for the success of total unit is the right choice of accessories, so that each piece can provide not only visual pleasure, but tactile satisfaction as well. 

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Rebranding into PPF

2016 / 06

With the rapid growth and expanded range of products PPF came up to the certain level which required total rebranding of the company! With the new logo, slogan and qualified team PPF is ready to assist customers in supplying full package of products and services.

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Metallic touch in digital printing

2016 / 05

Being flexible and rapid to response to market changes and always making an effort have the offer reflecting customer’s needs, PPF is step by step with the new technologies and ready to offer foil for digital printing.

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PPF Adhesives – new name in PPF

2015 / 11

We are glad to inform, that our products assortment has expanded with the new segment – adhesives. 

We are happy, that our efforts and work results with printing houses in Poland and Baltic States were noticed by one of the world‘s largest adhesives producer – HB Fuller, Germany.

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Brand new foil color card

2015 / 10

Fresh colors and shades are presented in brand new foil color card, where you can find the whole palette in one sheet.

“Together with our clients we can easily compare the colors that we have with those needed by our clients and their clients”,- about the benefit of color card told Krzysztof Mróz, Key Account Manager of Polymaterials Packaging Films Sp. z o.o..

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Let us focus on your every detail

2015 / 04

This is the way we treat our customers and want to be seen in their eyes. Because of that, we added our slogan “Let us focus on your every detail” in our logo – to remind that we care deeply about your product as well as the service we are providing.

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PPF enters new regions

2015 / 01

“The goal of any successful business is to cover new countries with the product or service ”, - said CEO of Central and Western Europe, Eduardas Klepikas.

Therefore PPF constantly continues to offer its production to new countries. This year Slovakia, Bulgaria and Belarus have fallen into the list.

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New production line

2014 / 11

PPF implemented a sophisticated new production line of metallized products which provides an opportunity to offer its customers a wide range of items with gloss metallized surfaces. These products are created under universal technology which is suitable for applying decorative coatings on both: decorative coatings onto different types of papers, self-adhesive papers, cardboards and variety of nonabsorbent print carriers.

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Holo Transfer products

2013 / 12

HoloTransfer is the most cost effective holographic solution nowadays, available for both narrow-web printing machines and offset sheet printing.

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PPF brand new office in Russia

2013 / 03

Polyethylene Packaging Films and PPF Stamping moved their offices to a new location in St. Petersburg. From now on, both companies can be found at the same destination. They offer foil, metallized products and stamps as before.

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PPF in Poland changed their location to Warsaw

2012 / 12

New location in Warsaw will give PPF team an opportunity to execute all customers’ orders in Europe within 24 hours.

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New PPF Foil Color guide

2012 / 08

PPF presented new catalogue to the market. Easy to use, it will assist in choosing suitable color and foil type which PPF is always ready to supply from the production site. We are welcome to offer our customers both rich product lines suitable for any applications and a wide variety of colors that can help to achieve remarkable effects.

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New branch in Vilnius - PPF Stamp

2012 / 05

New company called PPF Stamp started their work in Vilnius. Professional team provides customers with a high quality and cost effective solutions without compromising on quality or delay. They are flexible and rapid to response to the market changes and always have an offer reflecting customer’s needs.

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PPF has developed new formulas of Cold Stamping Foils

2012 / 04

To fulfill all our customers’ needs PPF has developed new formulas of Cold stamping foils. The customer has an ability to choose desirable type from the variety of color shades found in PPF catalogue.

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Rebranding of PPF companies

2011 / 09

An evident necessity to change the style and concept, related to the merge of companies, operating on different markets with different profiles, came to life. It caused rebranding of the companies and the creation of a single, fully updated website

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Transformation of the stamping dies company into PPF Stamping

2011 / 08

The stamping dies manufacturing company in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) becomes PPF Stamping (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).

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Registration of PPF Foil (Vilnius, Lithuania)

2010 / 02

PPF Foil (Vilnius, Lithuania) is registered to serve customers in the Baltic countries and Scandinavia.

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