Let us focus on your every detail

We create an environment where our customers do not have to worry about the material features and specifics of design foil stamping, and can fully focus on the main direction of their business. This allows us to take care of every detail related to the project’s realization. Moreover, by providing  adhesive, manufacturing foil and dies engraving, we contribute significantly to emphasizing the design details, making them brighter and more attractive on the packaging - «Let us focus on your every detail»

Our Slogan did not appear out of the blue and was not created at the early stages of the PPF activity. However, now it is undoubtedly clear that, based on the working principles of our companies and on the experience of the factories and employees, these particular words are an accurate expression of our work ethic.

The PPF team has been receiving comments and feedback from its customers that, from the start of collaborating and working together, our team always focuses on every single detail during the implementation of the client’s projects. These include stamping methods, the specifics of equipment work, materials used, design, mapping out on time delivery and, last but not least, keeping within the client’s budget.

Our intensive attention to details on every level sets us apart from other companies and allows us to achieve the best results in the shortest period. The small details and project specifics cannot be ignored, and are key to ensuring the success, and the 100% achievement, of projects objectives.


We date our history since a year 2004, when a small company called Polymaterialy-servis was founded and after collecting all possible manufacturing experience, started producing and selling the foil. It was a year later, when it reached the foil sales target of 1,000,000 sq. m. Not surprisingly in 2006 it took a leap with a beginning to provide cold stamping foil, purchasing a new foil slitting-rewinding machine and opening an associate company producing tools for stamping and embossing and getting into foil production process.

It took five years to establish another company in 2009, in Torun, a city of Poland. That year Polymaterials Packaging Films, which was responsible for the operations in central and western part of Europe, started its activities. The establishment of this branch also leaded to a step of rebranding. So the former Polymaterialy-servis changed its name to Polyethylene Packaging Films and together with Polymaterials Packaging Films started to form the later called PPF.

Year 2010 was marked by grand opening of PPF Foil in Lithuania, which was founded to serve customers in Baltic countries and later became headquarter of all PPF. In 2011 the production company of tools for stamping and embossing became known under the name PPF Stamping. Together with other three - Polyethylene Packaging films, Polymaterials Packaging films and PPF Foil, it was officially united to PPF. From that moment all companies continued its activities providing customers with the same products and services on all markets of operation.

In 2012 PPF was yet again expanded: PPF Stamp in Lithuania was established due to the rise of clientele in Western Europe. Two years later in 2014 one of PPF companies located in St. Petersburg started the production of transfer metalized products, thus giving our customers more and more opportunities in receiving unique products.


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